April 7, 2010

Karan Tacker is BACK on STAR One

April 7, 2010
He is not new to television, and has been appearing in many ads (including a famous one on fairness creams). He acted in Love Ne Mila Di Jodi as Sameer. His name is Karan and his full name is quite interesting. Karan Tacker is going to play the lead role in STAR One’s upcoming show Rang Badalti Odhani. We spoke to him and asked him to tell you what he's really like.
Tell us about the earliest peep into the mirror, when it told you that you were meant for showbiz?
Ha ha! My earliest realization of my narcissism must have been when I was in the 7th standard (12-13 years old)… In fact I even walked the ramp at this age.
What was your childhood like?
Very typical, just like another kid's. I was born in Delhi, but raised in Mumbai. I went to Arya Vidya Mandir, Bandra for my schooling, I was a seedha sada baccha till like my 7th. But then I grew up to be a total brat! I was always doing masti and being punished by my teachers.
I graduated in Marketing and my jump into acting came as no surprise since I loved being a nautanki. I always woke up in the morning and greeted my parents in some or the other actor's voice!
So when did real confidence come to you, that you could take to acting as a profession?
Well as far as confidence is concerned, I'm still in my baby steps stage. So I am still nervous and get cold feet.
What was your first break in acting?
I started doing some ramp shows as a teen, and struggled a lot actually after that. Nothing came easy to me, and I am glad because today I respect every bit of what I am.
It makes my parents proud and there’s no feeling like seeing your parents smile when you come up.
I did my first photoshoot for free because I wanted a break and I needed some pictures to circulate as I didn't have a portfolio. After a lot of small jobs, I got Nivea to sign me for their Men’s Whitening cream.
And after that it was like any other typical actor's struggle, running from one production house to another, auditioning.
How did television finally happen?
I got a role in Love Ne Mila Di Jodi as a fantastic character called Sameer. I totally loved my journey and am very close to the show as it was my first.
Coming to your upcoming show Odhani, what is your role all about?
I play Shantanu, a rich kid, a little brattish, who has all the money in the world but still life seems incomplete for him.
Do you relate to Shantanu?
I think every young boy, and his mother, can relate to Shantanu because every kid goes through this stage in his life when he's growing up and doesn't know what he's growing into.
I was like that when I was younger so I can relate to it. It's like when you wake up and reach the breakfast table in your pyjamas, not having brushed, while the rest of the family is all suited-booted and ready to go to work. That's Shantanu.
Are you like him in any way?
Shantanu's definitely a dude. But Karan Tacker's a real simple boy. I am not at all the cool guy sorts and I am very simple in that sense. I love being with my family. But it's not that I'm a boring guy! I love going out and having a ball of a time with my buddies.
How did you prepare for the character?
I'll be honest, it was a little difficult for me to play a younger boy because once you mature it gets difficult to reproduce the mannerisms, and basically to think like a younger boy. You are used to thinking in a more mature way. But I have a brilliant director who took me through my character and really helped me understand and get into the head of Shantanu.
Before each scene I sit with her trying to understand how she perceives the scene. So basically she shows me the path and I walk on it..
Is there any actor whose mannerisms you follow?
I don't follow any actor in particular but certainly I love watching films because of some actors and their performances. I simply love SRK and Amitabh, superb actors.
How much do you believe in Indian rituals and culture?
I am a totally desi boy. I love all the rituals and am totally cultured, thanks to the upbringing of my beautiful mother. In fact I love doing all the Diwali poojas myself, so basically I am the self proclaimed pandit of my house. I really believe in Ganeshji.

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